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Who Are We


Reiki is a form of energy healing. Specifically, it’s a gentle healing technique, developed in Japan, that promotes relaxation, balance, and holistic well-being. Rooted in the concept of channeling universal life energy (Chi), Reiki harnesses the power of this energy, by working on the recipients’ energetic field (aura) along with light touch on acupressure points with the intention to activate the body's natural healing abilities. While the client naturally relaxes into a meditative state through Reiki assistance, allowing the body to relax and regenerate itself.

This  Usui Reiki II course, includes:

  • Brief review of Reiki I symbol & its uses

  • The 3 Pillars of Reiki (Eastern Tradition)

  • Breathing exercise and its connection to our Tanden

  • Attunement to 4 new Reiki symbols & an increase of Chi

  • How to use each new Reiki symbol

  • How to clear and protect spaces

  • How to program future healings through space and time

  • How to do quick self-treatments and chair sessions

  • Practice exercises

  • Violet Flame healing techniques developed by Jovan

  • Continued support by Jovan, post-course

Reiki Level II requires the student having completed, been attuned and certified in Reiki Level I. 

While in Reiki I, students learned the basics, and increased the body’s Chi by 20%, Reiki II will activate and increase the last 80% of Chi.


In Reiki II, each student will dive deeper into the treatment practices and different ways to use Life Force Energy for others and in their lives. In addition to assisting people with their healing process, Reiki can be infused into anything, bringing more peace, blessings and awareness into every intention and application.


Join Jovan Illa to discover this soulful and enriching journey of healing and renewal.



“If you find yourself instinctively drawn to the healing arts, I highly recommend exploring reiki. Jovan's course not only helped me access these universal channels of energy but also helped me connect to my own intuitive healing abilities. Spending time with this energy has also helped create a pathway to access a deeper ancestral wisdom hidden below the surface of daily life, wisdom that is accessible to all of us. Jovan also has a warm and practical manner that turns what might seem like intimidating knowledge into accessible and simple information. 10/10 will be taking the second course!”

A. Gonzalez, CA


(562) 786-1114

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