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MAY 7, 2023

10:30AM TO 1:30PM 


4645 E. Anaheim St.

Long Beach, CA 90804

(562) 342-8875

This is a multi-modality offering to help uplift ourselves and community by shifting our own individual awareness through vibrational connection to the body: dissolving blockages, releasing resistance, entraining to harmonious vibrations, vocalizing our intentions. 

This is where we can begin co-create a shared reality that resonates with Universal Love. Where Universal Resonance grounds into Community Resonance.

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Receive~ Dissolve~ Relax~ Connect~ Expand~ Create~ Uplift~ ~Resonate~

Did you know that our DNA is a blueprint that not only carries the memories and inherited beliefs of our ancestors, but of the wisdom of the entire Universe as well?


Did you know we have the ability to activate this Universal Wisdom and expand our awareness by dissolving current and ancestral traumas?

This is because our DNA is fluid and can be reprogrammed by tuning into what we want to observe and express in the environment around us.

I AM = Existence/Awareness/Consciousness/Divinity/Malleable/Infinite

Any word used after I AM is the conditioned reflection of belief attached to this infinite awareness. We have the power to shift this awareness by our intention and the words we choose to use.

We’re physical reflective vibrations of Source. Our bodies are acoustic instruments that can get out of tune, which causes resistance to new information, including new beliefs. But with the help of sound vibrations, we can easily connect more deeply into our bodies, where we can entrain and sync up to the Divine harmonic frequencies of Universal Love. Sound Resonance.

Relaxing into timelessness, with the assistance of sound resonance, can support us to begin clearing trauma and regulating our emotions so we can more easily reprogram our cells, DNA, and beliefs.


Join us for this group soundscape journey of Breathwork, Gong Bath, and I AM affirmations to experience the power of our full-bodied resonance.


*Zaire will guide you through a sound assisted Breathwork practice. The rhythm of Breathwork and its invitation to breathe deeply of the Life Force, calms the nervous system, helps reduce trauma, dissolves emotional blockages, opens up energetic pathways, helps connect you back to ourself, opening back up to Universal resonance.

*Sopurkh will take you through an astral journey, weaving the sounds of creative life force that reverberate through the energy of Planetary Gongs. Gong Baths open your consciousness through deep meditation, dissolve old paradigms, prompt damaged DNA strands to regenerate themselves, and entrain your energy field back to the original pulse of Universal Resonance.

* Jovan will lead the group with call and response I AM affirmations. The mantras will help to shift your awareness to the reflection of Source you want to activate, embody and express with vocal toning and mantras for activating our chakras and reprogramming our beliefs. This will be amplified by group support, starting the process of transforming our shared reality. Community Resonance. 

Jovan Illa

Jovan works with the magical elements of Reiki (Life Force energy), Sound, Tarot, Astrology, and Ritual. These modalities open portals to the innerstanding of the unseen common thread that connects all beings and things. She assists in exploring this thread as an underlying web of Love and Support from the Universe that manifests in physical form as service to others' growth.

Zaire Black

Zaire Black is a Breathwork facilitator who finds deep purpose in his healing work. Stemming from a creative background in music as well as a background in teaching and mentoring children, he carries a potent ability to honor people where they are in their healing journey and offers them safe space to go inward to learn more about themselves.

Chrissy Sopurkh

Sopurkh has been teaching for as long as she has been here on Planet Earth, dedicated to the awakening of the Aquarian Consciousness. She shares an innovative weave of yogic and cosmic insights, sound healing, and deep meditative experiences.

 Her unique offerings dilate spaces for emerging new dimensions of awareness, sensitivity, and innovation, and support each student in realizing their true purpose and highest potential.



(562) 342-8875

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(562) 342-8875

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