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Oracle magic, united in circle

Connect to your guides and fellow women, within an intimate and supportive group atmosphere.


Each attendee in the circle receives:

* Gong bath

* Opening a portal with the elements

* Drumming to ground and connect

*Reiki infused Oracle & Tarot readings for each guest

* Water blessing ritual to activate healing & manifestation from reading topic

This gathering will be held:
* in person in Lakewood, CA
* on Friday May 31st, 2024 

* from 6pm to 9pm

* limited spots available *
* $88 (afterpay option available) *

~ Aligning with our truth, to receive support and guidance so we can transform obstacles and manifest our desires ~

~ Please bring:

* an intentional question
* a glass drinking container
* journal/pen
* drum/rattle (optional)


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Allison Molcilniker

"Jovan’s readings are unlike any I’ve ever had before. She creates a beautiful ritual that holds the experience with gentleness; she connects deeply with Source, bringing her clients into a space of clarity and profound insight. In my past readings with Jovan, I have always been amazed by how on-point she is, as well as by the depth of her perception. She is able to touch on the most internal truths to shine light on all my questions. I have felt transformed and renewed. At all times, I have felt she comes from a place of love.

Jovan is truly gifted, and I would encourage everyone to experience

her wonderful offering

[Oracle Alchemy Circle]."

Nancy Paik

"Jovan is a gifted/beautiful Mystic whose connection to the invisible is tangible and accurate... profound readings. At first I had thought that doing a circle reading would limit what she was able to offer me... I had the opportunity to receive a reading from her in a group setting though. Her Tarot reading was not only precise, she shared some delicate information with an elegant and powerful grace. I was greatly surprised at how much truth and love flowed from her, supplying me with advice that has helped me move into healing forgiveness for certain past events (that she had picked up on). She also affirmed my special gifts, helping me move through life with more confidence and self empowerment. Thank you Jovan for your gifts and love."

Eve Gradilla

“I recently had an intuitive session with Jovan in a (group setting). We felt a portal open. It was incredibly informative and moving. Not only did she communicate beautifully, but she opened up windows inside my heart space, making me more aware of what it is that I truly desire, as well as bringing awareness to the roadblocks that are getting in the way of that.


Being in a group setting while being activated in this fashion was extremely valuable and healing as I was witnessed in my vulnerability by many, and felt palpable shifts happening within me after the circle. Highly recommend!”


Jovan Illa
is a channel, utilizing the modalities of Reiki, the elements, Oracle/Tarot readings, and sound bath healing.

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