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EVENT Services 


For your parties & events:


Group Sound Bath session

60 min Reiki infused sound bath session for private parties. Optional location options: 

1) indoor location

2)outdoor location 

3) client location of choice

A small fee will be applied. Case by case basis.



Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings for your party. Each person participating receives a 10- 15 minute reading depending on quantity of guests. 

Tarot table set up provided by Mystic Starseed. Photo above.




Mobile Sanctuary

All day service for your special event, where I offer Tarot, Reiki and sound bath for all guests. I come to you; either indoor or outdoor according to your needs. For outdoor gatherings, I offer a 10x20 canopy set up.


My Offerings:

"Jovan (Mystic Starseed) has been a regular facilitator at my holistic house parties for many years now. She is an intuitive with a spirit driven gift for healing and calming the heart, mind and soul. She offers, Tarot, Reiki, Sound-baths and more recently her “Floating Sound bath” at my parties. She always gets booked because my guests adore her. On a professional level she is prompt, trustworthy and looks amazing at every party. I personally use her services as well. I would recommend her to friends, family and to you!"

Tammy Gallagher - Tarot, Reiki & Sound Healing client


*Call me or email me to set up the appointment, then pay at below menu

Tarot Readings





Contact me to book an appt

If you would like to book

more Tarot time for your event, please contact me.


Group Sound Bath





Contact me to book an appt

Contact me to book an appt

Reiki/Tarot/Sound Bath Sanctuary




If you would like to customize the time and services, please contact me... see below for info

Contact me to book an appt

Reiki/Tarot/Sound Bath Sanctuary




6 to 8 HRS MAX.

If you would like to customize the time and services, please contact me... see below for info​

Contact me to book an appt



Contact Me Here:

(562) 786-1114

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our sound bath. For once, my brain shut off and I felt at peace and the most relaxed I had been in years. Thanks Jovan, magical creature that you are!"

Rei Panasith - Sound Healing client

Sarah Morrison, Reiki, sound bath & Tarot client and student

"Jovan started off with the gong. I immediately saw gold. Every distinct hit of the gong looked like a sheet of hammered gold with a shining matching aura.... After I ran energy, I felt more grounded than I had in previous meditations. It seemed as if roots came up from the ground and engulfed my entire resting body. I felt as if I became the ground and the roots.

While the roots continued to move and stretch further into the soil, energized by the beating sun peaking through the branches of the tree, I felt my mouth and recognized my body again. My mouth felt as if it was heating up. I felt like I could breathe fire. I was uncomfortable with the feeling and felt grounded enough to leave.... After that, I found myself at a portal that reminded me of one of my favorite cards in the Modern Latina Spiritual oracle mixed with Stargate... 
I went in and out of being reminded of my earthly body, which was starting to feel discomfort in the back of the head and stuffiness from the neck up. It was telepathic and I reminded myself that I was safe and could stay away for now. The sensation kept nagging me and urging me to come back down. It wasn’t until Jovan began using the tuning forks and I felt the vibration, that I was able to break back into the atomized and pixelated version of myself, and slowly float back down into my physical body. I felt the wind hit my skin and I turned into the wind while simultaneously feeling the blood and bones in my body rea​ct to vibrations of the tuning forks. Once I was fully back in my body, all the discomfort was gone. By the end of the session I realized I had experienced every element, fully."
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