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October 30, 2020

6pm to 9pm PDT

A Revelatory Exploration of the Emergent Energies of Black Moon Lilith...

2020 - This is the time of the Great Turning, an unprecedented moment that gives rise to a revolution of consciousness wherein all that has been occluded, shamed, abused and disempowered demands with intensity its true and complete redemption. Black Moon Rising is an opportunity for psychic liberation, to reclaim our cardinal feminine creative lifeforce and attune to our deepest sensual knowing that bravely disrupts the established systems of the modern culture, within which she could never be contained.

Black Moon Lilith transiting Taurus will embolden our radical excavation of the oppressive landscapes that no longer support our ongoingness. She teaches us to orbit wildly to the enchanted edgeways of known realms and expand sanctuaries for regeneration of full feminine prowess. We will move together through this elemental energy via sound, movement, stillness, guided meditation and creativity. This is a deep somatic exploration of inner realities - to flush out, heal and expand our capacity to be with all that is - to open our bodies to tell the story our words dare not.

We are learning to traverse the beautiful dark expanse and trust our deepest desires to illuminate visions that are longing to be fully realized through us. Once forbidden fruits of the sensual creative femine now offer potent medicine for the collective, dilate other places of power and nourish the wholeness of our human experience. Let us intuitively light up other ways of being with the world, with each other, with love.  

The Black Moon Lilith Teachers:

About Jovan:

Jovan dedicates her life to deep inner work, heart connection and expansion, so as to hold nurturing space for others' growth. She supports transformative journeys of the Self's unDOing, leading into Soular BEcoming. Assisting others to trust their innate inner guidance system; to see themselves and their life path more clearly, by being a mirror to reflect truth, compassion, non-judgement and unconditional love. Opening up the possibility for others to lovingly accept all aspects of Self as one complete Energy.  

Jovan works with the magical elements of Reiki (Life Force Ka), Sound, Tarot, Astrology, Guided Journeying, Ritual, Channelling and Teaching. These modalities open portals to the innerstanding of the unseen common thread that connects all beings and things. She assists in exploring this thread as an underlying web of Love and Support from the Universe that manifests in physical form as Community. 

Jovan holds space in Long Beach, CA. Please see her "About me" section in this website if you would like more information.

About Sopurkh Shapeshifter:

Sopurkh is radically in service to un/learning in all realms that expand our capacity to feel, explore emerging realities, and create space for the unknown, obscured and occluded. She is a dedicated doula for the emergence of Aquarian Consciousness, braving to walk on the edges and divine other spaces of power. Class offerings are an innovative weave of yogic and cosmic insights, sound healing, and deep meditative experiences. Projects are collaborative opportunities for creating sanctuary beyond boundaries through conversations, ceremony, visioning, trust and compassion.

Her apocalyptic activism seeks space for movement and evocation, for the emancipation of erotic power, for communing and creating with human and more than human beings, for deep rest and falling apart, for un/learning and rewilding, and for centralizing love and care for all and all ways.

Sopurkh is mother to Isis and partner to Dawna. The three live in Tongva Land (also called Long Beach, CA) where they have created two thriving raw food restaurants, Under the Sun Cafe and Rainbow Juices. 

Scholarship Price


1 Intro Class + pays for 1 another student with financial challenges


*Exploration of Lilith archetype

*individual astrological Lilith placements

*group exercises for greater self- awareness

*community support

This class imparts Feminine Wisdom through the understanding of:

Astrology, archetypal pscychology & collective energy

*Individual & group participation for personal experiential impact

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Get to know the Teachers:

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