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Monthly Stand-Up Comedy Show & Tarot

Our professional Tarot reader, Jovan Illa, and a professional Comedian team up each month to interpret the tarot cards of audience members.


Hilarity will ensue as anything can happen in a show where friends, family members, and even couples are called up and get their burning questions answered on stage. You’ll be surprised by how funny the pro Tarot reader is and how insightful the Comedian will be.


Either way, you’ll be laughing. Come watch others get their tarot cards read or if you’re feeling brave enough, put your name in the Mystical Goblet and see what’s in the cards for you! 



Previously Featured Comedians:


"My first experience with this kind lady was when I was invited by a friend to go see her [at Read the Room]. I didn't know what to expect, so I wasn't prepared. I got the chance to have a reading, but chose to get a general reading instead of asking a specific question or giving a topic.
I was completely floored as she spoke directly and very specifically about my situation and how it was affecting me. I could NOT believe how right she was. Talk about hitting the nail on the head! And not only that, she confirmed some things that had been on my mind and what I should do about them. Now mind you, she didn't ask me ANY questions about myself or my life. She got no prompts or insight. I sat down, she told me something true about myself that I agreed with and got to shuffling those cards. She spelled everything out in great detail and I experienced peace with everything she told me.

Check it, she'll make you a believer!"

- M. Brown

Laughter is 
the Best Medicine!

Location: Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave., F4
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Directions to The Crow at Bergamot Station:

Free parking in the lot at Bergamot Station Arts Center. (You're welcome, Los Angeles.)

We are right at the Bergamot Station Metro Stop! (You are soooo welcome, Los Angeles!)

Directions/Parking WARNING: Make sure you enter the parking lot by way of Michigan Ave. It's the only way to enter the parking lot. On Michigan Ave. you will pass the restaurant Birdie G's. Keep going to the end of the small road where it dead ends into the Bergamot Station Arts Center parking lot.

Park close to Building E. We are hidden behind them, so walk towards E, then go to the left and walk behind them to find us.

When in our parking lot, to find our unit, F4 - see the giant map on premises when you enter.

Sold Out Show - but still want a ticket? When shows are sold out you are welcome to come in person and wait in a stand-by line. If there are any "no shows" 15 minutes after the show was set to start, we will sell unclaimed tickets to the waiting line. There are typically "no shows," but come at your own risk!

Fun Facts:

The Crow is located directly behind our favorite restaurant and full bar, Birdie G's. If you want to grab a fine dinner there before, we encourage you to make a reservation.
Birdie G's gives 10% off to performers and ticket holders.
(Fun Exception: Some shows are dedicated fundraisers for an outside organization, in these cases, when set up in advance, the 10% off from Birdie G's can be allocated to the specified organization.)

We currently don't sell alcohol as we are in the process of getting our beer and wine license -- so grabbing a drink before at Birdie G's is a great idea!

More info can be found at:

Safe Space! (Security guards on premises 24/7.)

Lineup subject to change.

The Crow is female/mom/comic owned and operated.

More about our mission to make the world a better place through storytelling, comedy, music, and education can be found here:

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