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Divination & healing arts

​Welcome to my Sacred Space! My name is Jovan; I am a Mystic Starseed. Here, as a Spiritual Guide, I share with you my offerings of Divination and a Healing place, in order to assist you on your Life Path and Soul Journey.


Feel free to peruse my services to discover what can serve you best. I am an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki Practitioner.


I provide Reiki sound healing sessions. In addition, I provide Tarot readings, sound baths and Astrology chart interpretations. My selection of services can assist you in relaxation, clarifying, grounding, cleansing, healing, empowering and uplifting your Spirit.


Everyone is welcome!



What my clients are saying:

"Jovan did a reading for me a while back and it was awesome. She was on point and it really helped guide me towards the path I was seeking!"

Carling Cain, Tarot client

Jovan is an oracle warrior... I have had a lot of readings over the years and the relationship Jovan has to her cards is so unique, connected, intuitive. I have quickly become a regular, hehe. Seriously though, so grateful.  She has been such a huge support for me over the years.

I was connected with her through a mutual friend, and am so grateful for that. Her intuition and connection to the work she does creates a very held and loving environment. She is down to earth and compassionate. I have always walked away from our sessions with tarot/oracle readings + reiki feeling very grounded, connected, and reset.I cannot speak more highly of her! Recommend!"

Georia Gleason, Tarot & Reiki client

"I've been on my spiritual journey for many moons. I rarely seek guidance outside my inner self. I've known Jovan for a few years now. I felt moved to seek an energy distance healing from this beautiful soul. I recall a feeling of heat throughout my body and a calming sensation, a deep sense of peace while I laid in meditation during our session. She later revealed colors and images that matched a photo above me. A Hindu goddess on a lotus flower! She released throat blockages... I love this woman dearly. she has a child-like spirit, a warrior goddess incarnate..." 

Sylvia Casillas, Reiki client


"Jovan has spiritually guided me in the past and is directly responsible for facilitating major shifts in my life so that I'm able to be of the highest service to others and amplify my gifts for the betterment of humanity... I am utmost grateful!" 

Don George, Tarot client and student, Reiki client


Questions? Email me or text me:


(562) 786-1114


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