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Esoteric Astrology Forecasts for the Collective

"Paradigm Shift: Balance of Feminine with Masculine

October 16, 2020

Aries Full Moon last night and today… the last full moon before we enter the Age of Aquarius. Lots of changes in our lives & the World. So much going on with Moon, Chiron, Lilith & Mars in Retrograde in the 1st house of Aries. Represents how we emotionally & subconsciously feel about ourselves & our place in the world, & how we can sometimes submerge it with distractions, with TO DO lists, with other people (Mars in Aries). The Collective’s hidden fears, scars, conditioned to sublimate our primal life force, our desire to BE, to matter, but most importantly, to love & be loved. Rage can grow in this type of suppression (Black Moon Lilith). Not much Love being felt in the political climate at this time. Mars in Rx is building its frustrated energies like a seething volcano (fueled by Black Moon Lilith squaring Pluto). The question is, how will this raw power be harnessed? As people, we sometimes fight to keep ourselves from not looking at our own darkness. Is it possible the civil unrest & violence, are projections of unresolved personal childhood & collective trauma all revolving around the grief of not know who we are? How does that make sense you may ask… because the world is constantly pressuring us who to be and what to do. What if we take the time to heal our own identity wounds (Chiron Rx in Aries) would we find the peace we are all really looking for? I can’s speak for everyone, but it’s just a thought as I strive to find my way out of the seemingly endless Darkness of the projections playing before me. Aside from this sobering contemplation, the beautiful thing about Aries is how it’s about positive new beginnings. The strength & courage to forge a path onward & upward… so this is actually a positive moon because it’s reflecting back to us the energy/light of the Sun in Libra, which is all about LOVE. There may be some revelations about what we need to heal for ourselves & as a people. A chance to be graced with the illumination of what it means to really Love our neighbors, The lesson between the polar opposites of Aries & Libra is ultimately about finding the harmonious balance between knowing how to love ourselves the way we love others. Vice Versa… meditating on that could be interesting. How can we show up for ourselves & live so passionately with harmony & joy that it emanates to people around us? Being present is a huge start. This is about purifying the mind by dropping into your heart. Can we be present in our bodies before we look outward into the world? Can we feel a place of safety within the darkness our own being before we seek to change the world with our dreams? Close your eyes & ask yourself: Who are you really? Do your dreams really reflect your true self? Was this dream born in the dark stillness of the night, dusk, or dawn? Before the world is telling you what you need to be thinking, feeling, saying, producing… what is real to YOU? Presence with ourselves is intimacy at its finest. Sounds simple but it’s not easy for us distracted humans. But presence is the key to so much. It is where true power lies & love flourishes. It’s also where we can create our future from. This full moon, think about what false belief has been cluttering your life, so you can then release it. Cleanse your energy. What do you want to replace it with for a brighter future? The choice is ultimately yours, but is best made when we are first silent & in full awareness of who we are. Then the alignment comes in and the path appears with grace. We don’t have to live in darkness, or fight it, once we face it. The sun shines its blessings on the untamed brilliance of a Free Spirit. You will see it. Be patient, have Faith. We’ll be celebrating again soon. Blessings!

"Who are you? ... Reclaim your True Innate Power"

October 1, 2020

AoPowerful Libra Super New Moon today & tomorrow. This transit is packed & multi-layered. Two words: Psychic cleansing. Another two words: Accepting Change. Another two words: Unity Consciousness. Four words: Everything is a cycle. The first thing I noticed was all the oppositions, which really lends to what we are seeing in the public polarities. Aside from this, we also have the Stellium leading the T-Square & the Yod; Let’s not forget the 5 planets in retrograde; this is major! This transit is packed. So much so, that I will only be able to touch on a couple of the aspects due to limited IG posting space. Here we go: Sun & Moon in Libra. This is about Designing the life you Love to Live. But it goes much deeper than that. A lot of this has to do with the people in our lives. Because if Love truly conquers all, then that points to how we engage in relationships of all sorts. Sun/Moon is opposing Mars, Chiron & Lilith in Aries: I see in this, the Divine Feminine taking her chance to rise step into her rightful place in the world, beside the Divine Masculine. Let’s be clear: This is about Right & Left Brain Balance. Wholeness. Unity. Lilith is wanting us to look at what we’ve supressed (voluntarily or not) in our lives. The hidden stuff that sabotages our efforts for Joy. The Sun/Moon will illuminate these things with compassion; wants us to ask ourselves if these shameful things we hide are maybe connected to the Matrix conditioning? Or valid? This introspection will help to balance us out and provide healing if we can look outside the box. Easiest way to look outside the box is to look within the soul & find your unique truth. No one can give you your truth but you. That’s powerful! Mercury retrograde in Scorpio & opposing Uranus in Taurus. Opportunity for us to rethink, deprogram & reprogram our past destructive patterns (thoughts, emotions, actions, speech, perceptions, reactions) that perpetuated karmic density on the planet. A lot of this has been side effects of living in a Patriarchal Matrix telling us what to think. But Karmic intensity is releasing from the bowels of the Earth (Uranus in Taurus) as things try to shift. Shifts give us chances to manifest a life we truly feel aligned with, by changing old forms & transmuting them into healthier way of being in the world. What are you doing with the hand you’ve been dealt? I bet you are doing a lot better than you think. Cleansing our projections so we may see a brighter world on all levels. Learning a new way to communicate that is more powerfully authentic: less ego, more love. That’s the challenge. Right now, we can get flashes of genius on how to re-create our lives. But 1st we are transforming/dissolving deeply ingrained toxic patterns, behaviors, belief systems that we have outgrown… from as far back as ancestral lineage & even past lives…a lot of these toxic patterns come from Control issues: oppressor and oppressed (Patriarchal structures) that were created with fear-based intentions as a by-product of jarring, cataclysmic trauma. It’s time to heal. When we can transform our outdated thoughts, we can transform our reality. Releasing toxic attachments that stem from fear & step into life changing decisions based on LOVE, PEACE, FAIRNESS in our own lives. We will see big changes in the world that we each experience. Oppositions/polarities are great chances for balance & negotiation. If ego drive gets in the way of transmuting old programming, try connecting into Spirit & listen, or you may miss the magic here. The last three months are calling for us to go within. If you’re guilty of throwing your frustrations at others, stop. It’s a distraction technique the ego uses to keep you from honestly seeing yourself, your life; We’ve all been living in denial long enough. Transmute the restlessness with shadow work or creative work like dance, writing or art that gets your unprocessed feelings out. Changes are coming so we need to dig out the roots of what’s rotting underneath to move forward on solid foundation with BM Lilith heading toward Taurus on Oct 21. More work to be done there too! The T-SQUARE with Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter Stellium in Cap at the helm connecting to: Mars Rx, Chiron Rx, Black Moon Lilith in Aries (loose Stellium) & Sun, Moon in Libra is a Portal of stabilization of action supported by Venus/Virgo (Love/Healing). Saturn has come to terms with the fact that their needs to be change. This paradigm has run its course of usefulness. At this point, even Saturn is ready to move towards the age of Freedom/Aquarius & doesn’t care to keep the old structure; ready to evolve in a big way. Stellium is supporting Sun/Moon in Libra with the opportunity to get clear w/ desires & intent to fulfill divine destiny. Mars Rx is about reviewing & re-strategizing action plan to accomplish this after getting clear on desired path. Universe is saying: “Hold up, before you keep spinning your wheels, stop & think.” Stellium will provide the necessary changes (Pluto) with practical steps to build the foundation (Saturn) with big scoops of Blessings for success. Saturn will reassemble a new structure with the help of Pluto’s transformative energy; Jupiter not only ensuring these are big changes but also supporting with Blessings & coaching us to think limitlessly, but we can start small. Stellium is providing a shelter for us to move forward to evolve as a people spiritually, learning to express ourselves in friendlier manner with a more community-based mindset. Because this war-like world needs to evolve already. We may not be clear HOW yet, but this will change as the bigger public picture starts to take more shape. The best thing we can do is get clear on what we love deep down and take steps towards that when clear & ready. Venus in Virgo is trying to cleanse, heal and purify the distortions we hold of Love & Values, so we may transcend to a higher vibration of (Libran) Love, the Cosmic Heart. Everyone needs to down their need to be right & bring out their real need to love and be loved. Forgiveness is Freedom. Tribalism mentality must evolve into Oneness if we are all to thrive in the Age of Aquarius.Blessings!

"LION'S GATE PORTAL: Call In Your Power"

August 8, 2020

8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal: Orions Belt aligns directly over the Pyramid of Giza, making it appear that the fixed star Sirius is closer to the Earth. This portal has Royal light codes streaming through to be activated in our Consciousness, awakening our DNA with higher frequencies. In simpler terms, this energy has a lot to do with Expansion, Sovereignty & Freedom. With our Sun & Mercury conjunct in the 5th House of Leo, Spirit is driving the mind, not the other way around… this is actually the way it should be. A lot of us who have been doing the inner work can be feeling a sense of peace. If you’re not feeling peaceful, centered or joyful today, I recommend taking some time to silently sit outside under the sun. Close your eyes, relax and ask to be comfortably upgraded to your next level of Consciousness. Allow the light to warm your skin for awhile. If you know how, visualize a pyramind of crystal light encasing your whole body while you absorb Sunlight. The North Node & Venus loosely squaring the Moon, Mars & Chiron. This indicates to me that the Divine Feminine energy is rising on the Planet, despite being met with some challenges. She is getting stronger & embodying the Female Warrior archetype, so as to break through, as energies are still very intense in the Collective climate for the people who are still following the paradigm of those who have not yet surrendered to Love. Ishtar & Sekhmet are great archetypal energies to call forth right now, because they have the innate power to break through the soil of darkness and spring up new life, catalyzed by the Sun (Uranus in Taurus). So, I bring up the word Balance a lot. Because from what I see, this energy is not about overthrowing one extreme for another; not about destroying one paradigm for another, because that is playing into polarity. It’s about seeing what is, then bridging the Masculine & Feminine energies through nurturing the Feminine (Venus in Cancer w/ North Node in Gemini) & healing the Masculine (Chiron, Moon, Mars in Aries) within & without. There’s an opportunity for some clarity on emotions, desires, needs that bring self-empowerment to the individual, with the Sun & Mercury trining Mars. Ok, so let me get to the core of this message they want me to transmit about Sovereignty. This is what I channeled: What is being made visible to most of us by now, is that many of our leaders & role models around the World have been falling from grace for the past few years; now it’s accelerating. From politicians to entertainers to religious leaders & everything in between. Why? Well bigger picture, what we are witnessing is 1) huge example of what happens when we let the high of power & prestige consume us 2) how important it is to not idolize anyone 3) Placing our unquestioning trust, & ultimately our Lives, completely in the hands of others without discernment is detrimental to evolution


** have confidence doors are opening up for you

**knowing, no one is going to save us but ourselves.

**trusting our own inner guidance system to see the Truth beyond the Illusions

**knowing we are worthy because we are all children of God/dess.

**living from the heart with forgiveness & compassion

** standing on our own two feet, in our power; making our life what we want it to be.

**gathering the courage to step up into who we truly are.

**commanding our Freedom with courage, even if there is no safety net.

**We are all worthy & enough; we are being supported by the Universe.

**we are co-creators, not victims… release your past pain]

Many of us are scared to step into full power. It may be because of doubt or fear. But what the UNIVERSE is now asking us is to take a leap of faith in order to evolve (faster than ever before) & BELIEVE that the Universe WILL catch us. Because if we fly the nest of our old, limiting paradigm, it WILL. We must know & accept that this is a call to move away from the development stage as a whole people, this Collective phase of adolescent emotions & behaviors must transition into a more mature state of accountability & responsibility for our lives, our fellow sentient Earthlings & the World. It starts with loving ourselves no matter what, as we come into awareness of who we are as individuals…. Ask the questions: Who am I? How do I shine? What are my shadows? What are my needs & wants? Doing the inner work is paramount right now… even starting with the intention will already start the wheels in motion for us to progress in a positive direction. Because as creator beings, we are always innately changing the world around us in every moment with how we perceive life & how we respond to it. This message may sound a little blunt, but this is how they gave it to me. It’s important to say, that this message would not have wanted to be relayed if the Universe didn’t think we couldn’t handle it… furthermore, we have the ability to be all the things listed above. WE ARE ALL AMAZING! we just have to remember that! Blessings!

"Getting Clear with Your Sovereignty"

August 3, 2020

Wow… there is a lot going on during this Aquarius Full (Sturgeon) Moon tonight… where do I begin? Ok, so it’s important to note, this full moon is when the Lions Gate Portal opens. As can be seen with Venus is sharing space with our Collective true node. It’ll be open from the 3rd - 13th, with the climax on the 8th. This is where our Sun and the twin sun Sirius line up for a very potent time for expansion. I’ll get deeper into that on the 8th.

Full moon energy is about illuminating what needs releasing, purging, healing through deep emotional introspection. With full moon in Aquarius, I am seeing this is about illuminating what in our life we have become too attached to, so much so that it has become a way we identify ourselves to the point the feeling of being in a rut. Maybe keeping us stuck in more ways than one? Aquarius is the sign of the genius and the rebel… one major reason being because this energy is detached enough from the ins and outs of daily mundane life, that it allows us to see things from a clearer, higher perspective that’s not at all fantasy driven. Think “keen eye”. This is where we can create newness and life improvements. Shake up our status quo is an Aquarius mantra.

So, over time, we develop attachments to things, people, technology (being a big one right now), habits and situations that can really muddy our waters of identity, who we truly are, what we truly feel, in the sea of the Collective. Tonight, I suggest we write a list of the things we love and value about ourselves and our lives. And read them out loud like affirmations. We are all truly Rock Stars! If we incarnated on Earth, especially during these times, we are tough cookies with brave hearts just by being here. Am I right???

It’s important to feel good about who we are and where we are in life. We forget to do that sometimes, which can cause our confidence to dwindle. Life can become meaningless when we operate in auto pilot. Sturgeon means ‘to stir up’. So, this night (after doing our list of positive affirmations) would a great night to sift through what is taking space in our life that is distracting us and for some, causing us an identity crisis. How much longer can we follow the crowd, the news, social media, without completely losing our sense of Self? Now is the time to cut cords and create healthy boundaries for ourselves. Using and trusting our inner guidance system is crucial for our well-being right now. But how can we hear it when we have so many ‘voices’ in our ears clamoring for attention? Boundaries are Key right now!

What the chart shows and what the world seems to be showing is that we are living in a world of extremes, a world of polarities. Opinions have become weaponized and politicized and it has become implied that we must choose a side…. Well how can we clearly choose a side when we aren’t even at our center, where we have the best vantage point? And… should we really choose a side? That doesn’t sound centered at all. But we can choose a direction… in fact it’s important we do so, with this T-Square between The moon, the Sun and Uranus going on. There is a push and pull effect happening in our psyches with all the information overload and how it relates to how we are trying to be and what we are trying to do in the world. We can be whatever we want, and can have as many layers and dimensions as we want, but we can’t be all things to all people. This could cause some to feel stuck, not knowing what to do next. Tonight may require some alone time, or group time if the intention is the same.

This is not the easiest portal. It requires us to show the Universe we are serious about progress. But before that sounds too scary, just know, all that is being asked of us during this auspicious time, is to seriously face what we may have been pushing aside deep within us and why, then set the intention to release all the extra baggage from our energy field, then make a decision on what healthy energy we are willing to replace it with; then allow the Universe to show up for us.

These next few days is an opportunity for deep self-reflection, with conclusions bubbling up to the surface more easily. Listen to them. They are soft and they are quiet. They’re YOUR inner guidance. Trust that underneath it all, you and only you, truly know what you need and want.

On a side note, with Venus and the True node sharing space in the 3rd house (Gemini), it is the Universe calling out to us to ‘Love Thy Neighbor’… no matter what their opinion is! If we can make a sincere effort to really see ourselves as brothers and sisters beyond our differences, the Universe will support us in bringing Heaven on Earth.

Use the Sirian Light Language card for meditation in the photo below. This will help you activate your Inner Guidance system.

On another note, because Venus is sharing space with our Collective true node, for some people (depending on the natal chart), I am seeing that tonight will be a night where many soul mates, twin flames, divine or karmic partners will be in some sort of contact. It could be energetic or visceral. There is some sort of doorway opening up for this to happen, that is an opportunity, where differences can be better understood and ironed out for the highest good. But again, this is a choice. Whatever the choice, it will definitely set things into motion, because things cannot continue to stay stagnant, as the T-square indicates. Stagnancy is also a choice, but something will shift no matter what. This is an exciting time for expansion and freedom! Blessings!

"Listen to your Inner Child"

July 20, 2020

Tonight is the Cancer New Moon. New moons are times of wonderful opportunities for setting intentions for what we would like to create in our life. Not only because it is shrouded in the darkness of possibility, where all things are born, but also because it is conjunct with the sun. This creates a balance of polarities in our energy field. An alignment is present where we have the opportunity to clearly see what it is we truly desire, deep down.

With the moon and sun sharing space with Mercury in the sky right now, there is a window of energy for us to work with ritual, words and symbols to make plans to achieve our goals.

As you can see, the card pulled to support the message, is 'Upper World'. Divine helpers are encouraging us to get creative with our dreams and to believe in them. Doubt does not create. Belief does. We have spiritual support and guidance available to us always, but they are urging us to not be idle. It is mid 2020… NOW is time to put our goals and plans into a practical, sustainable practice to achieve successful results. If we don’t have an intention, much less a plan, our dreams will have a harder time coming into fruition in the coming months. Why make life harder? Cuz the support is there. Even with the planets Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter opposing in Capricorn… actually just creating a counterbalance, by supply the real-life energy we need to execute our goal(s). The void of this moon works perfectly with the hidden power of Pluto for rebirth, Saturn allowing the structure to build it & Jupiter offer the blessings. It is important to note though: Mars & Chiron are squaring these signs, so it may be challenging to not fall back on old ways, but nothing less than true authenticity will do. Meaning, make sure what we hope for is truly what we want, not what we are used to or we have been conditioned to follow, because Mars is also squaring Mercury, so we will be held to the words we speak. Make sure the intentions are honest. Mars also trines the sun and the moon tonight, so we will gain true support and energy to create from that child state. I cant help but notice that the chart is encouraging us to connect with our inner child, to heal our inner child & to allow our inner child to utter the dream we hold hidden in our hearts. This is our magic. The moon is in Cancer (archetype of Mother/Child) and the moon is our soul.. and our soul is our inner child. This transit aligns with my Inner Child video. Let's make sure that what we are hoping for is not tainted with worldly trappings and superficiality. Feel into what your soul truly needs to feel happy, free, abundant, safe and alive. This is a very powerful, beautiful, healing New Moon. Take advantage! Blessings!

Twin Suns Glyph

Twin Suns Conjunct

"Lunar Eclipse - Two World Split"

July 5, 2020

So Capricorn full moon & lunar eclipse July 5... This portal created a sandwich w/ the previous Cancer full moon & lunar eclipse portal, on June 5. This ‘space in between’ was definitely intense for a lot of us this past month. Things got weird with Saturn in Aquarius, but Saturn is back in Capricorn, so some order may return. This has been in preparation to lead us into Lions gate, in August... furthermore Sirius and our Sun/Sol, are conjunct in the 4th house of Cancer, which is an annual thing. Many things are amplified because of it. It’s a loaded full moon w/ stelliums in opposition...the pull between societal structures & our own personal goals for happiness & stability. Mars & Chiron in the 1st house is a great opportunity to work on the deeply hidden well of rage we feel within ourselves and how it projects outward into the world events that we witness. This rage is just repressed Life force, which can be redirected. So how can we be honest w/ ourselves & transform this anger back into passion? How can this passion fuel our vitality, so it’s directed in a clear, effective manner? The answer is different for everyone. A helpful question to seriously ask ourselves is how can living our best life contribute to the world’s betterment? Take time to visualize the trajectory of how living your best life naturally improves the world around you...Mars in Aries can help us live from a place of authentic joy by focusing our will, boldness & courage to this goal. The paradox is that sometimes ‘being’ is ‘doing’ just that. What does your inner child want? Mars currently squares the Sun in the 4th house, so there is an element of wanting to burn through & act on aggressively on impulse while a part of us just wants to understand our feelings & express them. Do both! Though ideally, express your feelings first. Purging what has been pent up can clear our focus & potentially prevent us from lashing out, which would be easy as Mars is also squaring Pluto. With The twin suns together at 14 degrees, higher dimensional communication will be taking place for those already attuned to those energies. Basically, multi-dimensional disclosure has already been happening for those doing deep emotional work, but will be amplified and there maybe newbies activating too. 

In regards to 3D disclosure, it’s possible this may happen with the government admitting they work with the Zeta, but with so much going on, those plans may be pushed back or overshadowed. For those who have been exposed, you may know that there’s talk of the 2 world split. We’re currently in 4D, in the process of bending time and space... what may happen is there will be he 3D world and the 5D world. Some may even label them as Heaven and Hell but it’s all perception. Literally. The 2 worlds are super imposed on each other, existing simultaneously. The cards confirm and emphasize this split with ‘Resistance’ and ‘Surrender’. Many of us have chosen one or the other inwardly and in regards to our responses to the outside world. Some of us have vacillated between the two polarities. At first glance they definitely feel at odds. But perhaps it’s more about integration? Are we choosing our ‘battles’ so to speak? When do we resist and when do we let go? Balance is key... but it’s important to understand that everyone has a different sense of balance. What’s your balance? How do you find it? There are still a bunch of retrogrades right now. We still have time to re-think everything! Blessings 

"Lunar Eclipse - Believe in Yourself"

June 5, 2020

Today we had a lunar eclipse & tonight we have this Full Moon in Sagittarius to be exact. Lunar eclipses are like portals of cleansing and rejuvenation that can lead us into a new direction. This portal will be active all the way up to August, especially at the Lions Gate, 8/8/20. The fact that this and the full moon are in Sagittarius bodes well as this energy is ruled by benevolent Jupiter. You may see obstacles being lifted; this brings a breath of positivity into the picture. Fresh ideas are coming in as we release our hold on the past. All these retrogrades are grace periods where we can take some time to make sure we do leave old things behind. Self-reflection is a top priority for clarity.. you're invited to embark on a more elevated journey. The card I pulled is about the 1st House (Aries), the body, the self. Chiron in Aries has been & will be urging us to heal our inner child's feelings of inadequacy, our fears, our anger and our collective obsession with violence... so we can discover who we really are & what we are willing to dedicate ourselves too. We CAN do it. Be brave, be strong. Action is required for new beginnings.. Have confidence; believe you are rising and you WILL go far. The full moon is squaring Mars in Pisces which can impell us to want to fight for what we believe is the greater good. With the North Node now in Gemini, our souls are leading us towards understanding the importance of humanity and community as a whole.. and what it means to have solidarity as a people. There is a desire to break chains of limitations through idealism mixed with practical approaches.. It is up to all of us to create a better world. A caution would be to make sure you know what you are fighting for. Uranus is still in Taurus so our sense of stability and security is still feeling rocky. Have all the necessary info to make informed decisions before you embark on your journey. It's a challenge with so much misinformation circulating. Accepting Truth, even harsh Truth is key. But most importantly, knowing your own truth is the answer. 2020 has drawn a line in the sand: Only things built on solid ground will last from now on. This includes our health. Take care of your life, take care of your body. Blessings.

""Observation Is Our Best Bet Right Now"

May 7, 2020

Tonight and last night is that notorious Scorpio Full Moon, and man haven’t we all been feeling it the last few days? Intense, fingernails on a chalkboard and all the emotional rollercoasters we can handle. No, it’s not always pleasant to deal with heavy emotions, that is for sure. This Scorpio moon, 8th house is especially intense due to it being in opposition to the Sun, Mercury and Uranus stellium in Taurus, 2nd house.

Real quick about Scorpio & Taurus:

*Scorpio energy has to do with things like desire, sex, power, death, transformation, attachment, hidden realms and information just to name some.

*Taurus energy has to do with things like what we value, beauty, money, art, comfort, nourishment, building, stability to name some.

Taurus wants things to be smooth, pleasurable, stable, solid ground to stand on. Scorpio, can’t help but to penetrate through the shiny surfaces, into the messy, deep parts of everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. Scorpio can handle it easier than most too… and thrive in it. Taurus can handle it as well but this energy prefers not to dwell there. Both energies have their value and place. Though when energies are in opposition, especially during a full moon, this indicates, that the value really lies in integrating the two. Finding how these two seemingly opposing powers can find common ground and co-exist and become even stronger, more peaceful, more courageous, more stable, more fulfilled and comfortable with what exists in the ever changing landscape of Life.

Scorpio deals with all the hidden things that drive our world, but that no one wants to talk candidly about. Intrinsically we know, deep down, these things are sacred and powerful. These things are the undercurrents of the Universe. The forces, the portals of initiation in some respects. It is essential for Scorpio to always keep moving, changing, transforming with the ebbs and flow of consciousness, otherwise the energy can get tangled in the web and create its own attachments and crystallize fear.

Though these two (Scorpio/Taurus) may seem like they don’t make sense linked together, really it makes all the sense, because nothing physical would exist if it wasn’t for all the energetics that come out of the void first. The earthly things of Taurus are manifestations of these desires, these unseen energies that seek true expression, at work behind the scenes. They constantly respond, dance, morph with the vibrations that run through space, to accommodate or to transmute, to bear fruit for us to enjoy, work with and amplify for the Earthly realm. Taurus energy values cultivating and enjoying the harvest of these efforts. But if Taurus gets too comfortable, it fears changes, becomes heavy and then stagnates. 

One of the great things about this energy is that it's supportive of magical rituals, great sex, art. Or all those things combined if that’s your wish… let me say about the art: Magical art, controversial art, deeply emotional art, healing art, beautiful, symmetrical art… the list goes on…whatever flows! Woohoo! 🙌😍

The full Moon in Scorpio, opposing the Taurus Sun is giving us a chance to flow with the changes, to detach from the cords that hold us in fear, addictions, toxic energy, unhealthy relationships, egoic games, and emotional prisons, so as to connect to what is real, what is present, what we value. To nourish ourselves. So, if diving deep is not where any of us feel we should go during this time, that’s ok too. Take time to nurture yourself. Surround yourself with what makes you feel safe, nurtured, creative, centered, joyful and solid. Whatever feels right.

With that being said, let’s explore a little more:

With the Sun, Mercury, Uranus in 2nd house right now, we are given an opportunity to shine the light on our deepest desires, fears, pain and even power and how they relate to what we value. Our sense of identity and values are being extremely challenged through interactions with others. How we communicate what it is we are feeling, seeing, valuing and fearing is illuminating not only our light but our shadows, not only to ourselves as a learning experience, but to the ones we are interacting with as well. What are we creating around us? Yes, it is a great time for shadow work. A great time for learning and applying what we learn!

Mars is in Aquarius. This energy talks a lot about progressive goals in evolving communities with new inventions, that ideally help us all, equally. Having the drive and the vision to come up with innovative ways to improve life. It is fertile ground for visions of the future. So that can be very positive! But again, creation is also an act of destruction first. With Mars in Aquarius, the stage and mood has been set in our communities, especially the interweb (Aquarius domain). For some time, this has increased the fuel in passion, anger, aggression. Lots of people are sharing their opinions, forcefully. As more time passes, it is getting heavier and heavier, hotter and hotter under the collar. Mars in Aquarius also denotes believing that our point of view is the best option and people should follow that. Believe it or not, I feel like us as a collective organic network is actually truly trying to make sense of life to find ways to cope and to express ideas to bring order. Like a savage brainstorm in a boardroom (where many take sides and bump heads with each other… oh the paradox!) Now these famous words come to mind: “Can’t we all just get along?” The fact that Mars is squaring the Moon makes it super intense and is reaching unbearable crescendos for some of us. It will ease up for most of us after the full moon.

In the meantime, if we feel called, we can ask:

What are our triggers? Why are they our triggers? Like really, why? Beyond the surface answer, digging deeper, to the first time we were triggered by something similar… maybe even as far back as our childhood…when was the first time we felt that feeling of being triggered by that similar thing? These things of the past matter, because they shape who we are and how we interact in the world.

Some people like to say, just focus on having a positive perspective and the Universe will deliver it to you. I agree. But if we don’t face what is blinding us, hurting us first, then we wont be able to see and appreciate when the gifts the Universe delivers to us what we ask for.

How we handle problems and crises can show us who we truly are at this stage of our lives. Though when we see something in ourselves that may be seem negative and scary, it is really essential for the best to sort it out. Because that which is hidden is can be the most destructive force in our life. We don’t know what we don’t know, until it is shown to us.

As an example: ‘How does my scowl or smile change my face?’ Look in a mirror. Our reflection, opposite of us, outside of us but also within us. Now we have a point of reference. Now we can integrate our perception with a contrast reference. Yes this is dualistic at first, but becomes unification if we accept and honor our shadows (and other people’s shadows), find the useful aspects of it, and integrate it so it works with us rather than against us. Can we take this time to look in the mirror to our perceived unsavory personality traits and views of the world? Can we find power in facing what it is that has got us so agitated and hyped up?

Though the upheaval is painful at first, there are rewards in digging deep within ourselves and the projections we place on others (and vice versa) It allows us to get the root of who we are and from there can create a more stable foundation, self-built with what we truly value and are willing to work for, to grow and then enjoy our abundance. If we accept it, have compassion for it, it frees us to feel true soul (not egoic) joy, because we have freed ourselves from unknown prisons that we had trapped ourselves in and then liberates us to a broader view of the world and a fuller expression of who we are.. and who we are is beautiful. No matter what. We are beautiful, creative, messy, living works of art, in progress.

With that being said, I got the card of Aura: Observation. To me, this card speaks of how we observe. What are we observing? About ourselves? Others? Our world? When we are observing, what emotional state are we in? Are we feeling at ease or discomfort? How does this change our perspective? I am getting the message that now is a time to pull back and practice more observation. This will strengthen our well-being and our aura. It will also help us to find peace from the madness everyone is feeling. There are many things we all still don’t know, but we must be receptive to what comes when we take the time to allow without judgement. Easier said than done, but so important! I’m always advocating meditation in nature (if possible), even if its just on a little patch of grass is good. Get grounded, be still, connect.

Thanks for sharing in my projection here. Getting it all out in writing helps very much, and I am happy it can help a few other people as well. I feel what you feel, you feel what I feel. 💖 So with that being said, one of my full moon intentions is to detach from Facebook for awhile, starting tonight. Although there are a lot of positive, great things and people to interact with, It feels like its becoming more toxic as the days pass and I just rather not engage anymore. I don’t want to be a part of the problem. Its easy to be swept us in the negativity (which I admit I have a few times) and it just isn’t healthy for me… for a lot of people.

I asked partner a few days ago if he was ever going to return to Facebook and he said, 'No.' I asked him, 'Why?' and he said, 'Because I wish better for myself, and the world'. Lol... wise man.

Anyway, before my ritual of release tonight, I will be spending the majority of the day drumming and lying on grass, feeling and savoring the sensations of the elements, grounding in and coming back to my zero point. That is my sacred self-care practice AKA how I keep my sanity! 🤣 Regardless, no matter what happens, even throughout all these wild times, I trust in the Loving, Divine plan of the Universe.🌈💖🕉⚛️ Blessings.

"Balance is Key"

April 7, 2020

Super (Full) Moon in Libra tonight and tomorrow night. I am being guided to keep this full moon chart interpretation light this time. Probably because there's a sense of weariness in a lot of us. To some degree, we are tired mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually... I'm picking up it's a culmination of the massive energy shift in the planet after the 4/4/4 mass meditation as well as the powerful streams of light codes descending on the planet as we draw closer to July. Oh and let's not forget Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in the public arena! The huge changes we are going through as a society of course... (some people are energized and ready to go, and that's awesome!)

So on a personal level, how is this Full moon coming up for some of us and how can we work with what we have here? Overall, I am getting the feeling of just putting down our shields, dropping the brave face, stop doing, stop pretending and just sinking into deep relaxation in any way we can. Whether it's in a bath, your couch, your bed or your body, your meditation space... just allow. The resistance, anger and fear we put out (and absorb) into (and from) the world is only depleting our energy resources. Even crying it out would do our spirits a lot more good than trying to stay strong right now...

So many debates in the world right now. What if someone believes the COVID19 virus is fake? Or what if someone believes the COVID19 is very real and is going to wipe out all the humans on the Earth? So what? I apologize for sounding crude but I mean it in the most caring way. Let it go. It has nothing to do with your individual present moment. Right here, right now. How much power do those people's opinions have in affecting your actual life? How much power are you giving other people in your life in general? How is it making you feel? Is it empowering you or exhausting you? Maybe that is the new standard of gauging what is best for us and what isn't? What truly serves our well-being and sense of balance? Good questions to ask maybe.

I highly doubt arguing with other people about what is really going on is productive. Be like a Libra and be nice. We spend so much time trying to make sense of the world (myself included) because of this existential fear of not knowing what we don't know. It can put us on edge. The thing is we can't possibly know it all. The biggest message I am getting is just surrender to the moment and relax if we can. Tomorrow is another day. 

With that being said, big picture, there is a need to strike a balance within our consciousness. To balance logic with intuition is the best way we can expand our perception. Allow ourselves to get in touch with the whispers in our souls. When we expand our awareness to more than just the limited logic, we can begin to embody a more enriched life as our wisdom grows beyond the box and we then can become multi-dimensional.

Speaking of multi-dimensional, balancing the waking life with the dreaming life is a great way to do that... dream time will be a place were a lot of people will be getting messages, so if you remember your dreams tonight, maybe write them down tomorrow and see what meanings they hold for you. Trust yourself. Also, there has been, still is, and there will be the thinning of the veil. Especially now with Neptune conjunct Mercury in the 12th house. Disclosure from the Spirit realms AKA other dimensions across the board: Ancestors, guides, angels, transitioned ones, ET's... and other not so savory ones for a few (but don't worry about those!). Lots of active communication for some of us that are very sensitive.

From the chart, I am personally also getting now is a great time to let go of what we think other people should be thinking... Furthermore, and more importantly, releasing what we think we should be thinking or doing or being in other people's judgements. And fully embrace what we truly love. Stop the people pleasing and just Be. Take it a day at a time. I'm also getting, now is a great time to do full moon ritual to release any resentments we hold toward some of the relationship in our lives: past and present.

The card that came out is Antahkarana which means Bridge. Connecting the Higher Self with our physical brain. Makes a lot a sense in connection to Balance (Libra energy). It also connects to the Spirit realm that is very strong right now. Listening to that whisper, seeing those signs, receiving those dreams and integrating them into how you see the world as a more expanded being. Ascension baby... the time is upon us. Do the inner work.

Love & Blessings!! 

"We Are the Dreamers of Dreams"

March 26, 2020

for the 26thfor the 26thI have realized I had been burnt out.. I have taken advantage of this home time to not work and really tap back in to myself. Not much social media... To be present in my moments and especially, the Earth, to care more for my body. Using the power of touch and feeling the textures to ground back in and return back to essence through more silence and stillness. This has kept me calm. Because, as an Aries Sun sign, I can get way out there! Also, I worked releasing more of any lingering pain and false beliefs... so I can cleanse my energy and fill my cup with more good stuff so I can be ready to give back again on a deeper level.

I've been guided to focus a lot on the True node and the Moon cycles in my transit readings because that’s where, not only our individual destiny is leading us, but as a collective as well, always working as a single unit, even in our own journeys, making up the whole.

The moon tracks and influences how the Collective Consciousness is vibing, flowing, ever fluctuating in response to the other more bigger picture energies, as well as the light codes it receives from our Sun.

Moon sign signifies: Our inner self, our inner world, colored by our unique emotions... our desires, our needs, our fears, our dreams, our mystery, our subconscious, our mother, our inner child, the womb, our past, the collective unconscious.

Speaking of past, just a quick note on the Aries New Moon that just passed, because it's worth mentioning, as it has started a new cycle of potential Conscious Manifestation as we continue to evolve:

On 3/24/20, about how the strong (almost astringent) energies of the Aries New Moon would be bringing in some clarity as it shared space with the Sun, Chiron (the healing astroid that is a bridge to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms) all in Aries. I think it is safe to say at least for the more sensitive people out there, that this could have brought about palpable and nervous energy if we didn't ground & center in whatever way works for each of us. Mercury (the Magician) was in conjunction with Neptune in the 12th house... downloads were direct but heavy yet it may have taken a minute to really understand what was being conveyed. Although sleeping may have been difficult for some, these messages could have come through dream time, meditation or out of the blue. Whoever did New Moon Magical and/or Healing ceremony, rituals, etc. focused on ourselves, rest assured, they were quite powerful if we gave some time to that, due to Chiron's electrical currents connecting and unifying all levels of consciousness into a direct stream. I know I did, and effects were powerful. At the very least, the culmination of so much energy was about pushing out the shadows of the self, most notably known as the ego, disembodied bits of our soul that carry discomfort, anger or even rage, were being flushed out. As these blockages to our true selves are released we can manifest new beginnings for our selves with more clarity and focuses starting with intentions.

I always shuffle my cards and let one fall out after I read the chart for a summary. The card I pulled for the 24th, was the Ivory Wish-Fulfilling Crow.

This card speaks of Bhusunda the Hindu Sage in the form of the crow perched atop a tall tree. It explains the embodiment of holding on to the higher perspective of an Abundant Universe no matter what chaos or crisis is occurring below. When we decondition our hearts from the fears that society has co-created with us, believe in the ever returning Harmony of the Universe, we flourish. This happens more and more as we relax and surrender our ego, our fears, our harmful patterns and coping mechanisms and trust we are being guided safely hOMe. I would also like to mention the crow symbolizes breaking through illusions. Once we can see past the illusions, we can create our reality. I also want to mention the crow also symbolizes the Magician.

Yesterday and Today, with the moon in Taurus, energies are softened from the cleansing of the energetic tides of the new moon. Taurus can bring a little more stability for some. Taking care of our Earthly responsibilities and mundane stuff is a type of grounding. Getting present with what is at hand can allow us to release some of our anxieties if we chose to be fully present with our everyday tasks. Securing our future in calm and practical ways in the face of the unknown can be quite soothing. Now on the magical tip, the type of Ritual and/or Healing that was/is favorable Yesterday, Today, Tonight can be highly potent if we focus on the world we want to actually create and build as a community. Group meditation, ceremony or ritual would be a beautiful, connective and highly effective way to accomplish this as combined energy would create a more powerful signal into the Collective Field. Even sitting around a dinner table with your family and closest loved ones just talking about what you would like to see happen in the world is important and powerful. (Words are spells) So why is this a good time to do this? Because the Sun in Aries is exalted: strong enough to spring forth sprouts of new beginnings and Mercury & Neptune in the 12th is all about communication with the Higher Spirit Realms (you can call it intuition if you like). We can gain access to deep information while also putting in our "requests" in for what we want to be born out of the void of the 12th house. Void in the 3D world can be called... Quarantine, for now! We can connect into our soul, our hearts (Truth Node in Cancer) to what we truly value and want to see be planted and nourished into the physical with some lasting results with Moon in Taurus..

The card that popped out for the 26th, as I shuffled, was Volva of Seidr. Her name is Freya, the Nordic wife of Odin (Mercury). Her totem animal is... A crow! She is a seer, soothsayer and healer. She works closely with the Moon cycles to help others recognize that our life cycles are always changing and to be fearless about new beginnings. So how does this card speak to all of us? It makes the connection that when we drop the ego we hold onto, we can more clearly see how things are playing out in our lives, thus allowing us to heal what holds us back and again further allowing us to drop our ego excess more and more bit by bit. It also brings up the point of no matter how pure our intentions are, it is important to connect and work with other people at whatever capacity allows for, to hold us in check and keep the balance. There is tremendous creative power that comes from groups in a focused practice. Collective dreaming and doing helps us move through the darkness of uncertainty. Love & Blessings!!

"Connecting Heaven & Earth Through the Breath"

March 20, 2020

This Transit chart, along with the card that popped out, is for the first day of Spring. It is the 1st day of Spring but feeling kind of strange due to this quarantine. The moon in Aquarius is helping a lot of us gain a sense of detachment about everything that's going on and perhaps some of us trying to see it from a more objective view. Analysis of our thoughts and feelings about everything going on, is helpful... Taking an objective view on our fears will help too. Though it may be challenging and still mysterious, because we are still in a kind of suspension in time, so to speak. Lots of unknowns, there have been more people getting a better handle on this situation, though precautions are being wisely adopted.

For anyone still feeling anxious, talking to someone about how you feel or just connecting through a phone call or online can help you stay grounded... and meditate if you can. Also, taking some time for deep breathing in nature to calm the body. Breathwork will work wonders. If anyone had any dreams or downloads last night that stick out in your mind or memory it is best to take them seriously, as our subconscious was a little more removed from the issue in our sleep, so listen up! They are messages of great importance for you. Write them down before moon goes into Pisces... If you feel that they can benefit others, than by all means, share them, even if they do seem a little out there by your own standards of normal. If you haven't figured it out by now, our old standard of normal is pretty much being systematically disassembled... now is the perfect time to let your freak flag fly... there is purpose in your unique expression. Believe that!

Ok, with that being said, I want to dive deeper into what has been going on with the bigger energies (planets) that I couldn't quite get to in my last post...

SO, GOOD NEWS: Per my last post, I talked about the importance of the 10th house with the planets Pluto, Mars & Jupiter influencing the public and media... with Capricorn closely conjuncting them in Aquarius, 11th house of community, networks and ultimately humanitarianism. With the CoVid being a catalyst for change on a mass level. This pandemic has erupted with a fast and furious shot out the gate and amplified itself in the part of our psyches that fear death and transformation. But that is exactly what is happening: Transformation.

If you see the chart, you will notice a concentration of the planets on the left (eastern) side of the chart. What this has always denoted through history, usually creates an environment where the people themselves are molding their environment.. not the other way around, as we are being led to think and feel. As they say, life is not what we are dealt, but how we respond to it. That is what makes the difference in the outcome. This definitely applies to our current situation. The masses can direct the flow. I would also like to add, that all the planets are on the left side, in the houses: 10, 11, 12, which are the last houses on the Wheel, and the other planets in the houses: 1,2, 3... the first houses. Signifying MAJOR ENDINGS INTO NEW BEGINNINGS. Luckily these houses of new beginnings, are populated by:

Chiron: the healing asteroid

Aries: a strong, healthy, Faith-filled, pioneering planet, 

Uranus: the humanitarian and energy of innovation

and Venus: the planet of building, love, values and stability (though she will be challenged to level up to more altruistic love because of Uranus). 

As a society, we will get through this... sooner than we think. I would like to notate that through this whole outbreak, there has been no planets in the 6th house that deals with practical health habits. Looking at this chart, I truly feel there is so much more to this than just our physical body.

I want to get into the North Node in 4th house of Cancer again. Let's dive deeper into the layers... The 4th house deals with deep spectrum of emotions to name a few: compassion, resentment, guilt and yet, Christ-like love. The areas are: home life, mother/child, nurturing, family, nourishment, heart-centered creative expression; most importantly, this is about healing the Mother Wound that we all carry in one way or another. These are our ROOTS. Think of umbilical cord, tree roots, (anything viney). I also just want to point out Gaia is also our Mother.

Because the North Node (our destiny) is in the 4th, it is opposing the 10th house, automatically meaning the South node (our history). 10th house deals with organizations/structures, law/logic, discipline, status, public realm, the Father. The 10th house is at the Mid-HEAVEN placement of the chart. Where the North Node deals with our Souls' unquenching desire to expand/ascend, the South Node deals with the ways we have been used to doing things in the past to stay safe. To put it simply, old paradigms are collapsing because they can no longer sustain our populations' needs... on all levels.. from physical reality to our Souls' trajectory of wanting More, as our Consciousness expands in alignment with Gaia's (Earth's) desire to expand with the rest of the Universe.

So, here we have the 10th house of Mid-Heaven (CROWN CHAKRA) and the 4th house of our Roots (ROOT CHAKRA), in opposition. What may seem like a war, is actually a balancing act using extremes. Like a gravitational pull. Duality requires two opposite pieces working together to create the whole. Think see-saw. Better yet, think of the Toroidal field.

GAIA'S TRANSMISSION: People susceptible to breathing problems due to the environment, NEED to connect to the Earth. BAREFEET on dirt, sand or grass, because it has the necessary nutrients/electrons that we need... in order to stay healthy on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & physical, to strengthen the immune system and stay safe. We can work on keeping our balance, by connecting Heaven and Earth (connecting the 10th and 4th house). There are actual Shamanic exercise practices designed to connect our bodies to the energy of the cosmos while simultaneously connecting to the earth. Look them up if you are interested. Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises also does this. BEST IN NATURE if possible.

The Torus is an energy field around each of our bodies that maintains our vitality through balancing our body. It is kept healthy when we are keeping ourselves healthy and is generated by a strong, healthy heart. It starts and ends at our ROOT CHAKRA AND OUR CROWN CHAKRA. Along with making sure we have nourishing diets and plenty of water, This is how we can strengthen our immune systems so we do not contract the Corona Virus. 

Also, side note: CORONA MEANS CROWN.

TOROIDAL FIELD= The heart's magnetic field, which is the strongest rhythmic field produced by the human body, not only envelops every cell of the body, but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. It is our biofield, or more commonly referred to as our aura. The heart's magnetic field can be scientifically measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers. It is shaped like an oscillating donut.

This virus attacks our lungs, so that we cannot breathe in oxygen properly. Oxygen is our LIFE FORCE. And put simply, the Sun and the Earth help make oxygen. The tree is shaped like a Torus, the tree provides oxygen. Our lungs are like tree roots. It's time to embody the the ways of the Tree, folks.

When we as people on this planet are completely ungrounded, disconnected from Nature we are easy targets for this virus and/or this fear this virus produces. This is a call to return back to ourselves, our present moment, our hearts... and how do we do that? By returning to Nature. We are nature. We need to return to our bodies. Heal and Care for our bodies, repair our relationship to Mother Earth so we are back in symbiotic flow... to support and be supported. Balance. We can do this one person at a time by starting with ourselves and hopefully our immediate families.

Another important side note: this is what I believe is one of the things the government and big business are hiding (though it is pretty obvious for some) That if it wasn't for the terrible quality of our air due to big industry, there wouldn't be so many people with chronic Lung diseases (highest it's ever been), thus there would not such a wide scale outbreak. Think about where this started: China has the WORST air quality due to factory carbon footprints. Our Leaders are the ones killing us... We need to do what we can and take responsibility for our carbon footprint, but if that seems too overwhelming, understood. But what we can do is first begin truly caring or our own bodies, and allow this virus to die down, while we figure out more solutions to clean our air.

This is my interpretation of the chart as well as my channelled messages from Gaia and my Guides.


""A Change in the Wind"

March 15, 2020

Currently, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter & Mars are conjunct in the 10th house of Capricorn. (Saturn straddling the line on Aquarius) There has been quite the public crisis with the CoVid-19 scare.

Due to the fact that everyone is in the dark about this Virus, including the Government, Scientists, Medical Professionals, etc., we have been put on a proverbial lockdown. The declaration of a National emergency, the social pressures to be a conscientious citizen and listen to the Authorities is in full effect, with Saturn's power and Mars' force, using the Media to amplify (Jupiter) the impending threat. Because Pluto is up in the mix, there's a lot of paranoia. Also, there are many things hidden from the ordinary Human about, not only this virus, machined by the Powers That Be, but from the Cosmic energies themselves.

The truth is, the ones in power will be using this world event for their own gain. Pluto denotes hidden things, dark secrets, other people's money & taxes... not to mention disease. Saturn is the societal structure we live within, status, power, tradition, law. It can be used for good or bad. Jupiter can be about financial gains through gifting (ahem, Fed govt. gifting $1.5 trillion dollars to the stock market), though irresponsible usage is very likely. Mars is all about ambition and taking power as far as it can go.

Aside from this, the reality for some, there is a real viral threat. Although there will be shady things happening in the background (as it has always been through the sands of time, which hasn't changed). This is not the time to disregard what is happening on a world-wide level. There are still some rebellious (people) not complying with what must be done, but really they are flowing against the tide... now is not the time to do so. There is a Higher Power at work.

This is not the time to be the rebel without a clear cause (myself included... I don't fear this virus and would like to go about my daily business, but I know I have to submit to the higher cosmic forces at this fact when I stopped resisting, my ease of flow returned.) We are urged to comply with the direction of the grain right now. We cannot snub Saturnian energies on the highest realms. This does not mean to surrender our observational rights of what is going on in our society. In fact, it is important for us to stay open to Truth. We must keep our wits about us and be vigilant about what is happening on all the levels we can manage.

So why comply?

1) Because no one truly knows exactly what this virus will turn into and how far it will go before being contained. We can believe all we want, but we have a social responsibility to the people that are at threat... and let us not forget this virus adapts quite quickly. Yes the govt & big business is using some aspects of it to their advantage... but I am pretty convinced they are just in the dark as everyone else. This virus was created... but someone lost control. Panic is not the way to deal with this though. I truly believe this will be resolved quickly but it will change the way we see and do things on a mass level. Hopefully, we how we care for our health on all levels.

2) Because The Higher Cosmic forces are at work. Uranus has erupted and put a major kink in our normal routines. We were going about our daily lives, with all our plans and to-do lists , most of us not present, when BAM, Co-Vid 19! Now we are forced to be present with our situation and re-prioritize what we do and what we value to be important. This pandemic has created an environment where we are urged to stay inside or at least not participate in bigger gatherings. Yes, it sucks big time. But I believe the Universe conspires for us, not against us as a whole. Cosmic forces want us to stay home and be low key. Not to mention, grow out of old routines that no longer serve us!

I do personally believe the Universe works for us. So my main concern is, where is the silver lining? Like, why is this happening and where is the lemonade right now?

The North Node (our soul's ascension path) is in the 4th house of Cancer, opposite the 10th house where all the chaotic energy is. This has to do with home life, family, inner child, healing, grounding, creativity, nurturing and healing energy. As Gaia shifts and moves to higher levels of frequency, in order to expand along with the rest of the Universe, we need to do the same. But one cannot really branch out in our most healthy, aligned manner if we haven't taken care of our traumas and issues appropriately.

With the moon in Sagittaruis these last two days, this present moment, our desires have expanded...but in general we as a society have expanded our beliefs and philosophies. Not to mention our need for freedom. It has gone in so many different directions, ever outward, expanding, reaching... yet we are forgetting to look in. If we don't look into our core roots, who we truly are, we won't be able to aim our focus in the most aligned way for the highest good of all. Too much attention turned outward causes us to neglect our health: mental, emotional, spiritual and yes... physical!

The Universe, thus our society expands and contracts. We are in a contraction cycle right now.

We must look in and re evaluate not only our deepest desires, but our core values, our center and our family structures (we are in Mercury's Retrograde shadow). Are they working for us and everyone else? A tree's branches can only grow as high as its roots go deep.

We have the opportunity in the next coming days to really take the time (without feeling guilt) to be with ourselves, nurture our home life, get grounded and be with the people who matter most... our family. Yes, our family! We need to heal our familial relationships in order to move forward on not only a personal level, community level but on a world wide level. Highly challenging as this requires compassion and forgiveness. We need to keep up with the Christ Consciousness that is dawning. But it is always darkest before the dawn.

There is a challenge here, a threat of a bigger divide in our communities. I think what is happening, is first, we must individuate and value spending time with ourselves before we come together as One. But it is possible to keep the balance. Luckily, in this age of Aquarius technology we have many ways to keep connected. I am also seeing coming back down to very small group gatherings will bring true connection and intimacy.... genuine connection! I would go as far as to say, very small gatherings, outdoors in NATURE is safest.... but that's just me.

Another opportunity we have during these times, is to use our time in constructive ways. We can really work on our creativity. Although everything that is happening around us is still shrouded in a lot of mystery, there's a chance to really tap into, not only higher frequencies through meditation, but it is a great time to channel some really interesting works of art from the Ethers. Genius works of art can be birthed right now. Art that is coming from the sub conscious, the unconscious, the super conscious, you name it. Creating new forms of art that can be unconventionally beautiful can also start to come into fruition. This is also a great time to really get to shed some light on who we are or who we want to be in the world, through meditation and stillness. It's time to courageously show up in the world as authentic, heal our fear of not fitting in and find beauty in our uniqueness and share it with the world to connect more people.

I pulled an Oracle card for a more concise message: "A Change in the Wind" card popped out while shuffling. Basically, it is saying there are some unseen forces at work changing people's directions. If plans have not been concrete or actions have not been diligent and grounded, we must start again or we must weather the storm. Our intuition will tell us which is correct for us. Major Transformation is stirring and may not seem to align with our expectations, but this is bigger than us, and will ultimately steer us in the correct direction or test or dedication. The advice is to approach all circumstances and events with curiosity instead of dread. Magic lies within the unknown. Blessings!

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