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1st Ray of Power- Bigger Picture Energies

Political Systems are changing; Re-creation is upon is! How will you direct your Will Power?

Twins Suns - A Transmission - Golden Age Approaching

Sirius & Sol coming closer together, bringing in the Golden Age... structures need to crumble in order for the new to come in. What can we do to make the transition work for us?

Inner Child Magic

Our inner child is essentially our soul. Now, more than ever, it is important to heal our inner child issues so our true essence can come out to play; you can co-create a life you love to live. What is your soul/inner child crying out for?

Divination Method: Psychometry

There are many ways to tap in to the unseen world of Spirit. In this video I talk about the divination art of psychometry, where one can connect into the wisdom of nature by holding objects. Have you had any experiences with this?

Black Moon Lilith & Taurus Full Moon 2020

This video talks about the upcoming Oct 31, 2020 Full moon in Taurus, which brings the message of embodiment. I also dive a little bit into Black Moon Lilith in Taurus energy for the planet; understanding BML within ourselves and the Collective. I touch on the Dark Goddess Archetype and Mythology of Lilith, and a bit about how lunar cycles work. I give some insights into the upcoming Holidays and the remainder of the year. I also bring in a channelled message from the Goddess Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Gaia & Kali Messages for the rest of 2020

In this video I talk about the messages from Gaia and her Dark Goddess aspect Kali (hence my witchy appearance) in regards to the Ancestors, lunar cycles, rhthym and balancing the masculine an feminine polarities.  This video brings the message of embodiment and harvest, but mostly highlight the energies occurring during these last few months of 2020, which is a dark cycle before a new beginning.

This message is a combination of Channelled Messages, Astrology & Research.

Smudge Blessing

Click here if you'd like a little Sage cleansing . Take some deep breaths! What would you like to release?

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